A Long Awaited Improvement & Request for Help

August 8th, 2011 / Comments 5

I write recipes as narrative because that’s how I taught my sons to cook and until the about a 100 years ago that’s how recipes where written. BUT, some of my favorite readers and cooks have said that they get lost  in the narrative and wish that there were a list of ingredients.

tow truck1 A Long Awaited Improvement & Request for Help

SO,  change is coming. The blog entries will still be written in my familiar style, BUT at the end of each entry you will see a line that says:

Download and print cookie recipe with an ingredients list here.

When you click on that line it will link you to  a  single sheet recipe that you can download and print.

I’ve just begun to add these links but eventually all of the blog posts will have a link to a printable recipe.

NOW, I NEED YOUR HELP. I am working on a cookbook, a collection of recipes for sweets, including cakes, cookies, pies, jams, creamy desserts and candies, illustrated with my watercolor paintings and I need a title. It should be descriptive, fairly short and easy to remember. Including Vermont in the title would be a plus. If you have an idea please leave it as a comment to this post.

If your title is chosen, not only will I send you an autographed copy of the book but I’ll give you credit in the book, I might even send you a care package of brownies.  So start brainstorming and send me your ideas.


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  • Barbara Hadley says:

    Hi Carol —

    Nice to talk with you after a long while. Glad things are going so well. Your blog is really delightful. I read it with pleasure.

    For your new cookbook title, how about SWEETS FOR THE SWEET: RECIPES FROM A VERMONT KITCHEN? Just a thought….

    Do stay in touch and drop us an email from time to time.
    Cheers, Barbara

  • travis says:

    ” My Vermont Kitchen” That is my thought.
    Adrian suggests “Bacon Vermont” – Good luck with book. I am sure it will great.

  • Jennifer Donaldson says:

    Carol, this name for your book came to me after eading your post on caponatta: palette and palate words… (fyi pallet is a thing made out of wood for shipping purposes:-)
    title for your book:

    Egbert’s Palate

    i think it’s catchy!
    hugs, jennifer

  • Drick says:

    like the ability to print recipes… envious and so happy of you getting close with your cookbook’s publishing date… you know, I just do not allow time to get going on mine again, so many irons in the fire…… can’t wait to purchase one of your….

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