Asian Pickled Apples with Red Onions

July 13th, 2010 / Comments 3

It’s been nearly thirteen years since that church supper that inspired all this pickle making.

hash poster c egbert Asian Pickled Apples with Red Onions

I’m not quite so naïve but I still marvel at the beauty of Jersey cows’ eyelashes, I’m a member of that church and I design the poster for Red Flannel Hash Supper each year.

apple basket c egbert Asian Pickled Apples with Red Onions

I decided to use apples is this recipe that is the last, for the moment, in my refrigerator pickle series. In all of the refrigerator pickle recipes, measurements are arbitrary; the amount of sugar and spice can be varied.  When I don’t have enough liquid to cover the fruit or vegetable, I use vinegar to top off the jar. These pickles will keep in the fridge for at least two months. These pickles are nice with a sandwich or served with grilled chicken. Here’s how I made them:

Pickled Apples and Onions

I cored an unpeeled, Gala apple and cut it into half-inch chunks. I put a half-inch slice of red onion into a pint jar, added a layer of apples, a small piece of star anise, another onion slice a second layer of apples, another small piece of star anise and topped the apples with another slice of red onion.

I heated three quarters of a cup of rice vinegar with two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of grated, fresh ginger root. When the honey was completely dissolved, I poured the pickling liquid over the apple onion mixture, put the lid on the jar and when it had cooled to room temperature put it into the fridge. The star anise and rice wine vinegar gave the apples a hint of Asia.

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