Butter in the Kitchen

May 9th, 2009 / Comments 3

Turning heavy cream into butter isn’t difficult. In fact it can happen when you are whipping cream to top strawberry shortcake and the telephone rings. The gift of two quarts of heavy cream was a perfect excuse to make butter.

I used my KitchenAid mixer to whip the cream until the butter was massed on the blade leaving a pool of milky buttermilk in the bottom of the bowl.

butter Butter in the Kitchen

I poured out the liquid and rinsed the butter by adding a glass of ice water to the bowl and turning the mixer on low then pouring out the milky water. I repeated this process until the water remained clear.

The last step was to knead the butter over a bowl in order to get rid any water trapped by the butter. That done, I shaped the butter into balls, topped each ball with a viola, wrapped the balls in waxed paper and put some in my refrigerator and delivered the rest to friends with wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day.

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  • barbara says:

    What a stunningly beautiful blog! I am so impressed with your knowledge, the gorgeous photography, and the values you are presenting to all of us who love food! Thank you and keep enjoying this wonderful new venture! Love, Barbara

  • Susan says:

    My lovely mound of fresh cream butter, with the viola intact, was temptingly perched on the top shelf, next to the milk. Over the next week it swirled and steamed in my oatmeal, dripped lazily over the sides of my currant scone and poured itself over sweet baby asparagus. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I love your blog. Susan

  • Anne says:

    I love this blog…beautiful photographs, great ideas. I will check it for new recipes,and even when I’m not looking for anything but a “hit” of your creativity.

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