Thanksgiving Leftovers Make Sweet Potato Rolls & Turkey Gumbo Soup

November 28th, 2013 / comments 5

Last November, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I opened the fridge to get a slice of lemon for my morning cup of tea and was overwhelmed by bowls, containers and aluminum foil wrapped packets of leftovers. Charles had been in charge of clean up the night before and, with the help of a couple of other non-cooks, had done a splendid job but the overstuffed fridge needed immediate attention.

Stock Pot c egbert Thanksgiving Leftovers Make Sweet Potato Rolls & Turkey Gumbo Soup

The turkey carcass was precariously perched on a jug of gravy and a bowl half filled with roasted cranberry sauce. Mashed sweet potatoes flavored with chipotle peppers and mashed white potatoes rested side by side in one container and a forlorn slice of pumpkin pie wrapped in plastic sat on a small bowl of gingered whipped cream. After I found the lemon for my tea, I began to deal with the wealth of leftovers by topping the piece of pie with the whipped cream and eating it.

I made run-of-the-mill turkey sandwiches dinner-worthy by making sandwich rolls with the leftover sweet potatoes. These yeast rolls are not difficult to make but need to rise twice before baking so I got started as soon as I’d read the paper and emptied the dishwasher. Here’s how I made them:[/donotprint] … read more

Cauliflower Soup from a Vermont Kitchen

January 17th, 2012 / comments 2

soup tureen c egbert Cauliflower Soup from a Vermont KitchenIt’s been a long time coming but snow has arrived. The garden is white, the branches of the trees are accented with white. Winter has arrived and, in my mind, winter is soup season. I think a meal should have a balance of colors as well as a balance of flavors. Purple-red borscht topped with a scoop of sour cream and a sprinkle of dill leaves has that balance of color and flavor as does green split pea soup with sunny carrot dice cubes and pink cubes of ham. But, the snow reminded me of a Saturday lunch we shared last winter and I made a white dinner and to celebrate the arrival of the snow.

Last January, after our friends Kathy and Rick had spent weeks packing, snow shoveling, ice dam cursing, moving and unpacking, they invited us to lunch. We sat around the granite island in their new kitchen and savored, steamy bowls of cauliflower cheese soup. … read more

Corn Chowder & Resolution

November 9th, 2011 / comments 5

Soon it will be Cooking Season. Thanksgiving is coming and then there’s December, filled with family birthdays, parties and  holidays. Lots of time will be spent at the market gathering food to refill the fridge and pantry.

Pt market bag 02 c egbert Corn Chowder & Resolution

There will be weeks of  marathon of mixing, stirring, slicing, dicing, creaming and blending. It was time to make meals that are simple to prepare, have a limited number of ingredients and are even better the second time around. Corn Chowder is one way to do that. … read more

Lentil Soup – Soup with a taste from the East

May 17th, 2011 / comments 2

In Vermont, even in the third middle of May can be cool enough to have a fire in the wood stove, a perfect night for a soup and toast dinner.

lentil+pot+copy Lentil Soup   Soup with a taste from the EastThe dark pink lentils in my pantry, labeled either as Red or Egyptian lentils in the market, don’t have a seed coat so they will disintegrate into a smooth puree as the soup cooks. Here’ s how I made it.

… read more

Beet Borscht – Zahynacz Dowry

January 19th, 2011 / comments 4

It was confusing when our son Matthew and his wife Alison phoned to wish us a Merry Christmas last weekend. We had spoken many times since the middle of December and had exchanged holiday wishes more than once and here it was the middle of January.

 Beet Borscht   Zahynacz Dowry

When Matthew and Alison got married in Ortigia, Sicily in September 2009, she didn’t change her name from Zahynacz to Egbert. Zahynacz is a Ukrainian name and the Christmas they were celebrating is the Ukrainian Christmas.

… read more

Mushroom Soup

December 22nd, 2010 / Comments 0

For a number of years, the arrival of a large, oval basket filled to the brim with fresh mushrooms at our front door in the middle of December, marked the beginning of gift giving in our Washington, D. C. neighborhood.

mushroom 02 c egbert Mushroom Soup

Our neighbor Robin and his family spent most weekends at their country house in eastern Pennsylvania and he brought mushrooms from Kennett Square, the mushroom capital of the world, for everyone on the block.

Three pounds of mushrooms, especially the week before Christmas, when the fridge was filled with holiday fare, presented a cooking challenge, so many mushrooms and so little time. Mushroom soup was the first recipe I thought of when the mushrooms arrived. Served with crusty bread and a green salad, it made an easy dinner during a busy week. Here’s how I did it: … read more

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