Cinnamon Memories

February 17th, 2011 / Comments 2

Cinnamon is nearly everywhere. In bakeries, donut shops, food courts along interstate highways and hints for selling a house include putting an apple pie in the oven when prospective buyers are expected. Cinnamon reminds people of home, mom and apple pie.

house c egbert Cinnamon Memories Cinnamon reminds me of Saturday’s spent in a neighbor’s kitchen when I was ten. Ruby and her husband Russ lived next door and their home was my Saturday haven. Their house was identical to mine but, since they had no children, the second bedroom was the violet room. The two tables in front of the window were covered with pots of African violets. Ruby showed me how to water them without getting the leaves wet and how to create a new plant with a single leaf. She made pies from scratch, mostly apple, and when she finished making the pie she would gather the extra bits of dough into a ball and put it into the fridge to chill while we took care of the violets. When we returned to the kitchen, she would tie an apron around my waist, so that I could make cinnamon treats that we would share as a mid-afternoon treat. Here’s how I made them:

Cinnamon Treats

I sprinkled flour onto a wooden board, flattened the disc of chilled dough and sprinkled a bit of flour on to it and then rolled the dough and when it was about an eighth of an inch thick Ruby would say, “Stop.” Then, I’d spread a layer of soft butter on to the dough and top the butter with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon sugar from a tin sugar shaker. Cutting the dough was the most fun. I used a pastry wheel that made zigzag edges just like the ric rac sewn around the pocket on my apron. Ruby didn’t mind that each treat was a different shape and size. She moved them from the cutting board to a baking sheet, put them into bake next to the pie and knew when to take them out of the oven.

The memory of sitting at the table with cinnamon treats, a cup of cocoa with TWO marshmallows floating on top and chatting with Ruby is sweeter and more tender than any cinnamon treats could possibly be.

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  • Kathy says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have memories like this? One of my favorites is time spent with my aunt Violet, sipping tea and munching cookies on Saturday afternoon at her house…. Thanks!

  • Pam says:

    Hi Carol
    My husband is a nut for cinnamon and one day he made dinner…a traditional fried chicken and mashed potato feast. But he decided to add cinnamon to the flour dredge and then the mashed potatoes were a bit soupy so he added the remaining flour dredge, with the cinnamon, to the mashed potatoes to “firm them up”. (We won’t even go into the whole food safety issue here!!) The chicken was Madison Ave perfect. Crispy golden crust and juicey. The potatoes looked great. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the taste of cinnamon on fried chicken and it didn’t go over well. Neither did the potatoes. To this day, he gets teased by the family about his cinnamon taters and chicken. I suppose if we were prepared for an east indian style meal, we would have been delighted. Poor fella!!

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