Citron – Persian Apple

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A fragrant fruit, citron was the first citrus to reach the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

bl citron 013 Citron   Persian Apple

Unlike lemons, limes or oranges its not the juicy segments in the center that are most valued, its the thick white rind under the bright yellow peel.

bl citron 021 Citron   Persian Apple

Citron rind is candied and used to flavor sweet cakes and cookies or eaten as a sweet treat with a cup of espresso.

bl citron 031 Citron   Persian Apple

Citron rind can also be served on its own flavored with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt or added to a salad of oranges and  fennel.

The lemon scented rind is said to keep moths away from woolens.

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