Colorful Salad – Oranges & Red Onions

August 27th, 2010 / Comments 10

Although I couldn’t get blood oranges in the market, I used navel oranges to make a red onion and orange salad with cumin.

Turkish plate c egbert Colorful Salad   Oranges & Red Onions

The salad, along with a bowl of hummus and a basket of toasted pita bread reminded me of a dinner I was served on a trip to Turkey. Here’s how I made it:

Oranges and Red Onions with Cumin

I cut two medium red onions into quarter inch slices. To get rid of the strong taste of raw onions, I covered them with cold water, added a teaspoon of kosher salt and left them to soak while I peeled and sliced six seedless oranges. I rinsed and drained the onions and arranged the orange slices and onion slices in a shallow dish. I topped the salad with one tablespoon of toasted cumin seeds, freshly ground pepper, one tablespoon of fresh mint leaves, and half a cup of olive oil. After the salad marinated, at room temperature for two hours, I topped it with a handful of oil cured black olives.

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