CSA Week 7 – Sorrel

June 7th, 2010 / Comments 1

The sun and rain have made the vegetables grow. Here are leaves from my CSA bag.CSA 7 CSA Week 7   Sorrel

In the upper left  a tender collard leaf, cilantro is below it and on the right a solitary sorrel leaf and a red leaf lettuce below.

I have never eaten sorrel and was delighted to find a sheet of recipes nestled into my CSA bag. Sorrel is a spring green with surprisingly strong  lemon flavor. It can be eaten in a salad with mixed greens, added to asparagus or spinach, used to make a sauce for fish, to make a lemony pesto or turned into soup.

I cooked  sorrel, with green onions and spinach for dinner last night and was quite pleased with the results.  Here’s how I did it:

Spinach and Sorrel

I rinsed a small bag of baby spinach leaves and a handful of sorrel in my salad spinner.  I used lots of water and rinsed it twice so that all of the grit went down the drain rather than into the pan.  I heated a tablespoon of  olive oil and a teaspoon of butter in a skillet, added three thinly sliced scallions and a pinch of red pepper flakes.  When the scallions were  wilted I added the spinach and sorrel and cooked it for another minute.  I added a wee bit of freshly grated nutmeg to finish. It was amazing. >> Print This Post <<

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