Dispatch from my Garden

May 26th, 2009 / Comments 0

Baby pictures taken in the garden are a sign that winter has gone.

delicata+0526+01 Dispatch from my Garden

Delicata Squash Twins

I couldn’t bring myself to cull one of these seedlings. I’ll let nature take its course, whatever that means.

tomato+0526+01 Dispatch from my Garden

Green Zebra Tomato

Small but feisty from Fat Rooster Farm.  I like to watch the plant grow, blossom and set tomatoes so I plant one tomato plant in my garden, but only one, because farmers do a much better job with them than I do.

peas+0526+01 Dispatch from my Garden
Sugar Snap Peas

I planted peas because I need almost instant gratification and peas are an early crop.  I choose Sugar Snap Peas because I wanted to eat the pods rather than put them on the compost pile.

radish+0526+01 Dispatch from my Garden


How can anyone resist planting radishes?  Twenty five days from seed to salad …. a no  brainer!

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