Fennel – Finocchio

April 15th, 2012 / Comments 2

Wild fennel, more than six feet tall, grows in the Sicilian countryside. In Greek mythology, Prometheus used a stock of fennel to steal fire from the gods.  The fennel in the market is a refined cousin of the wild fennel.

fennel bl 02 Fennel   Finocchio

The inflated  base of the fennel stalks is sweet, crisp and has a mild anise flavor.

fennel bl 035 Fennel   Finocchio

Fennel is served both cooked and raw. The feathery fronds add flavor to poached fish.

fennel bl 01 Fennel   Finocchio

Sliced fennel combined with blood oranges, extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt is my favorite way to serve it.

fennel bl 04 Fennel   Finocchio

These pieces of fennel look like the  extinct, fennel antelope.

(The Greeks have mythological beasts, why can’t I?)

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