Hot Fudge Sauce for Adults Only

September 6th, 2009 / Comments 2

An ice cream cone from the White Cottage as an after dinner treat is fun.

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But since the Cottage Blanc, as we like to call it, is eight miles from the dining room table – a bit too far to travel when guests are ready for dessert, I have created a hot fudge sauce for adults only. It is made of just two ingredients and takes less than thirty seconds to make. If you want to see how I make it, you will have to read on.

Hot Fudge Sauce for Adults ONLY

Choose a microwave safe bowl that will hold about twice as much sauce as you want to make.  Fill the bowl half way, with the very best chocolate chips you can find.  Our local co-op has French Callibaut chocolate.   I buy tiny dark chocolate.  Here is the adult part – cover the chocolate chips with Myers Dark Rum.  Only the best will do.

Put the bowl into the microwave, zap it for twenty two seconds.  Don’t cover the bowl and stand on guard at the microwave so you can hit the cancel button if it begins to boil over the top of the bowl.  It is no fun to lick chocolate sauce out of a microwave.

Stir the hot rum/chocolate mixture until it is as smooth as you are patient.  Distribute this sauce as fairly as you can, in order to reduce the number of bowls and spoons to be washed, I recommend that you use the bowl that the sauce was made in for your ice cream and the spoon that stirred the sauce should absolutely be the spoon that you use to eat you dessert with.  You will have to decide whether or not to share this recipe or the chocolate sauce.

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Hot Fudge List

  • chocolate chips
  • Myers Dark Rum
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