Jersey Visit

June 19th, 2009 / Comments 1

Cow+in+the+Garden+copy Jersey Visit
I was working in my studio when Rosie began barking insistently. Assuming that the big brown truck had come to deliver the new grill for my Electrolux range I went down to check. No truck, no package, no people, and, Rosie was standing at the door to the terrace staring intently toward the weedy hill just past the garden.

‘Must be a deer or maybe turkeys.’ I thought. Following Rosie’s lead, except for the barking, I looked up at the hill and after a moment the sweet face of a Jersey cow munching weeds came into focus.
Cow, cows!
Four of them – two mamas and two calves, but how? we have no cows living within half a mile of us in any direction.
The only idea I had was to phone the non-emergency police number. I explained my predicament and the helpful police officer said “I’ll check my list of missing cows,” quickly followed by, “wait a minute, I don’t have a list of missing cows,” and then came the perfect Vermont question, “Are they bothering anyone?”
An hour later, a tractor arrived, the cows were liberated from the paddock where they had been welcomed and watered by our neighbor, Susan, and led away, back home, up the road, to rest, graze and share the the tales of their adventure with the rest of the herd.
Perhaps my postings about raw milk, yogurt, and butter were the real reason for their visit………
note: If you would like to read about how I used the magic of Photoshop to put the cow in the garden *click here*.

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