Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

February 26th, 2010 / Comments 3

Here are a few images from my neighborhood in Siracusa.

apt 01 sunrise Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

Sunrise from the kitchen window

Castello Maniace 01 Mouth Watering Photos from SicilyYesterday, we walked around the corner and visited the Castello Maniace.

Castello Maniace 02 column Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

The G – 8 Conference happened in the chamber of the castle under a black and white ceiling held up by many columns.

We passed this addresses on the way home

01561 Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

and another.

0012 Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

Sorry that there is nothing to eat here.  Perhaps you have a gelateria nearby?


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  • Carol

    Thanks for the beauty of your art and the taste of your Italian recipes. This is a fine adventure that you are sharing with us.

  • Molly Sheehan says:

    My daughter, Emily is living around the corner from you on Via Roma while she goes to school at the Mediterranean School for Arts and Sciences. I have suggested to Emily that she look for you at the open air market where she also shops each day- and also to look to your blog for meal ideas!

    We live across the river from you in Meriden, NH and read your blog in the Valley News this week. Now we will read what’s cooking in your household every day and enjoy your beautiful photographs and watercolors! So glad to find you!

    • Carol says:

      She could leave a note for us at the front desk of the Residence Baroni and we could get together. You comment shows again what a tiny world we live in. We are having tea today with a friend from Thetford who lives here for four months a year. I’m glad you found me too.


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