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We arrived in Sicily yesterday afternoon, unpacked, took a nap and went out to dinner. We walked up the Via Roma to Zsa and shared a mixed green salad with the tiniest arugula I have ever seen and pasta ala Norma with tender, sweet eggplant and then to sleep for twelve hours.

market 011 Ortigia!!

We started today with cappuccino and pastry filled with ricotta and then off to the market for food, hellos and hugs from friends we made last year.

Rather than postcards, I’m planning on frequent posts with photos of our time here, check back often.

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  • Have an ahhhmazing vacation. I can’t wait to hear about the sites, sounds, and more importantly the smells and tastes! Sounds heavenly. XO

  • Heather Pitiger says:

    Hi Carol and Charles,
    Glad you made it safely!! What a nice time to not be in Vermont when warm weather seems too far off.

  • Kathryn Porterfield says:

    So excited that you are back inSicily and posting. We will be in Tuscany in 3 weeks and then in Rome, returning home April 8. Can’t wait! Have you read Keeping the Feast or Elizabeth Minchilli’s blog about Rome…reminds me of yours. Have a wonderful time!

  • Nan Munsey says:


    I’ve ben following your blog for a couple of months and look forward to it!! Looking outside at the crusty snow in NH, I’m envious of the fruit and warm landscape in Sicily.
    Did my neighbor, Karen Wolk, tell you about how we discovered artichoke tea in Dalat, on a recent trip to Viet Nam? Another use for that delicious vegetable!


  • penny mcconnel says:


    I was not sure if you were going to Sicilia or not. I gather you found a pet sitter. Keep the emails coming. They make me smile!!

  • Diana O'Leary says:

    How exciting!! I love the way you share your travels and real pictures of the food you are enjoying. I can’t wait to go to Sicily. Thank you for sharing. Diana O’Leary

  • Lawrie says:

    Beautiful fruit, beautiful background, but we need a bigger picture of Tuc.
    We envy you.
    Trial starts in two weeks.

  • I agree with Roger Lindland!! Couldn’t have said it better.
    Glad you are there safely. Love to Charles.

  • Roger Lindland says:

    Carol, it is good to see that we’ll be able to again follow your many adventures in Sicily. The fruit composition is wonderful. You can arrange simple things into fine works of art. Enjoy the vacation and we’ll enjoy it as well.

    Roger Lindland

  • Lynda Graham-Barber says:

    Oh, how I yearn to begin my day with one of those ricotta-filled pastries. How well I remember them from last spring.

    Resti in contatto. Mangi bene. Lynda and David

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