Patty Pan Squash Cake

August 28th, 2009 / Comments 10

It has been too rainy for tomatoes and potatoes to thrive but the patty pan squash plant in my garden has been working hard to keep my spirit up.

pattypan 02 Patty Pan Squash Cake

It is often used as a “pan for baking a patty” therefore the name – patty pan. It is also called sunburst squash, scaloppini, button squash or patisson.

The feminine name and demure behavior of my plant cause me to think of it as a she.  Certainly less insistent than her Italian cousin zucchini, she doesn’t overrun other plants with exuberant vines or produce so many squash that I have to resort to late night squash deliveries to unsuspecting neighbors. Blossoms with long stems, (the male flowers), are plentiful and a tasty treat, either as an addition to an omelet or stuffed, battered and fried to be served as an appetizer.

Small squash, the size of quail eggs, are lovely roasted with potatoes, carrots, oil and garlic.  Medium squash, up to six inches in diameter, blanched in boiling water for five minutes, stuffed with a mixture of sauteed vegetables and cooked rice, topped with cheese or seasoned breadcrumbs and baked, are a perfect vegetarian main course.

Patty pan squash larger than six inches star in my favorite carrotless carrot cake.

note: If you think patty pan squash is a strange ingredient in a cake, take a look at this recipe on my friend Drick’s blog by clicking here.  I’m amazed!

Mixer 02 Patty Pan Squash Cake

Here’s how I did it.

Patty Pan Cake

I buttered the sides and bottom of a nine-inch tube pan and then dusted and floured the pan and set the oven at 350 degrees to pre-heat.

I used a whisk to combine one cup of unbleached flour, two tablespoons of wheat germ, one teaspoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of salt in a medium bowl.

Using my stand mixer, I beat together two eggs, half a cup each of white and brown sugar, a teaspoon of dry ginger, half a teaspoon of nutmeg, three quarters of a cup of oil, and a teaspoon of vanilla.  With the mixer on low, I stirred in the flour mixture, then added one and a half cups of grated patty pan squash that has been squeezed dry before it was measured, three quarters of a cup of well drained crushed pineapple, half a cup of chopped pecans, and half a cup of raisins.

The batter went into the prepared pan and then into the oven to bake until it is golden and a tooth pick inserted into the center comes out clean.  It took about 50 minutes in my oven.  After cooling for ten minutes, the cake was tipped out onto a plate to cool completely.

pattypan 03 Patty Pan Squash Cake

Dusted with powdered sugar it’s perfect with a cup of tea.

note: This is neither a delicate cake nor a rigid recipe.  I used grape seed oil, any vegetable oil will do, pineapple can be omitted, raisins can be replaced with currents or crystallize ginger.  Walnuts or almonds work as well as pecans. A simple glaze of confectioners sugar and milk is an options. Check your pantry and trust your palate.

Patty Pan will not mind if her cousin Zucchini stands in for her.

Download and print patty pan recipe with an ingredients list here.

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