Pepper and Scallion Refrigerator Pickles

July 11th, 2010 / Comments 8

The red, white and green of the vegetables reminded me of the Italian flag and that was the inspiration for the Italian seasoning of fennel and celery seeds.

red Pepper c egbert Pepper and Scallion Refrigerator Pickles

Pickled Peppers and Scallions

I trimmed the roots from two bunches of scallions and removed the seeds from two sweet red peppers. I cut the scallions and peppers into strips that were half an inch shorter than a half-pint mason jar and squeezed them into two jars.

I simmered one cup of cider vinegar, three-quarters of a cup of sugar, half a teaspoon of whole black pepper, one teaspoon of celery seeds and one teaspoon of fennel seeds for three minutes and then poured the pickling liquid over the peppers and scallions, closed the jar and put it into the fridge after it had cooled to room temperature.>> Print This Post <<

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