Radish Sandwich – Never Doubt the French

May 30th, 2009 / Comments 5

The farmer’s market was full of shoppers, seedlings, flowers, cookies and even some vegetables.

Radish++wc+01 Radish Sandwich   Never Doubt the French

The multicolored radishes from Kevin & Laura Channell of Your Farm in Fairlee, Vermont were irresistable. I’ve known about radish sandwiches for years, today was the day to try one.

radish+easter+egg+01 Radish Sandwich   Never Doubt the French

This classic French sandwich is usually made with a baguette, unsalted butter and sliced radishes. I decided to use thinly sliced walnut sage bread from Umpleby’s. (Rosie can’t figure out why the bread board is on the grass in the garden. Luckily, she has the self control required of a food blogger’s dog.)

rosie+bread+02 Radish Sandwich   Never Doubt the French


radish+sdw+03 Radish Sandwich   Never Doubt the French

Back to the assembly details – after slicing the bread and radishes, I buttered the bread generously with unsalted, homemade butter, see Butter in the Kitchen post, arranged the radishes on top and enjoyed a delicate, delicious lunch in the garden with Rosie.

radish+sandwich+01 Radish Sandwich   Never Doubt the French
She enjoyed the crusty heel of the loaf of bread.

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• 5 Responses to “Radish Sandwich – Never Doubt the French”

  • My friend just brought some French breakfast radishes from her garden and sourdough bread for this very sandwhich. I had no idea?!? It was wonderful!

  • Junniemuffin says:

    Interesting. I never thought to eat radishes like that. Love the painting of radishes too. very delicate.

  • Carol Egbert says:

    Oh, the French!…..What could bad when combined with butter?

    Thanks for visiting, I post nearly every day and hope you will come back.


  • shizuokagourmet says:

    Dear Carol!
    Good work!
    As for radishes, the French just incise them, put some butter onthem and eat them with their fingers!
    Great posting!

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