Radishes & Edible Fowers – First Harvest

June 9th, 2009 / Comments 1

After a wonderful day in Barre and Montpelier I couldn’t wait to share this photograph.

first+harvest+02 Radishes & Edible Fowers   First HarvestTuesday Evening

It’s dinner time, actually past dinner time, and I need to figure out what dinner will be, so I’ll fill in the details of today’s discoveries tomorrow.
Wednesday Morning

Dinner last night was a surprising and successful combination of the tiny harvest from my garden and delicious Vermont foods I found at LACE in Barre.

A bit of info about LACE before I spell out the details of dinner. LACE, an acronym for Local Agricultural Community Exchange, on Main Street in Barre, Vermont, is a non-profit organization established to promote food security by supporting local farms and connect them to their community.

Community Kitchen – A commercial kitchen where community members create value added products;
Learning Programs – offering classes in food, culture and agriculture;
Community Center – a place for cultural, educational and celebratory events;
Food Drives – providing farm fresh, Vermont food to people in need;
Fresh Cafe – offering locally grown foods prepared in a sustainable kitchen;
Fresh Market – providing Vermont made and produced natural foods and supplies.

What these details don’t convey is the friendly, inviting, thriving, community-centered business in the former Homer Fitts LACE is an example of the wonders of Vermont, make plans to go to Barre. Have lunch, buy arts and crafts created by Vermonters in the LACE Art Gallery, and shop for dinner. To read more about LACE visit their website by clicking here.

A curious but tasty meal with the following, carefully arranged, on a dinner plate: radishes and nasturtiums from my garden, the last of the yogurt cheese, a chunk of year old cheddar from the Grafton Village Cheese Company, tapenade with an extra splash of olive oil, a tiny bowl of Vermont honey, and thin slices of Four Grain and Three Seeds bread from the Red Hen Baking Company.

LACE was an unexpected treat, I went to Barre to deliver two oil painting to SPA Gallery, a part of Studio Place Arts, for their upcoming 12 x12 Show.

To see the paintings that I delivered click here.

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  • ValleyWriter says:

    I've never used edible flowers – but they look so pretty, I really must try sometime! Good to know that nasturtiums are edible, since they're readily available around here, too.
    BTW – LOVE the idea of adult coloring pages! I love when I get to color with my nieces – so much fun!!

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