Red in Ortigia

March 15th, 2013 / Comments 2

Sky is 03 sm Red in Ortigia

Coffee is smooth…

tomat sm Red in Ortigia

tomatoes are local….

red od sm Red in Ortigia

table is waiting.

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• 2 Responses to “Red in Ortigia”

  • Anne Dean says:

    Oh that just all looks so vibrant. So different from the white, green and brown we look at day after day. Soon the buds will be popping and we get to witness the lovely soft colors of Spring. I can’t wait. Lifts my spirits just thinking about it. I’m off to wake up the lady bugs in the greenhouse so they’ll eat the aphids that are starting to appear. A sure sign of Spring!

  • Vermont has lost its vivid red since you left. It’s a kind of muddy mauve. We will wait until you have the good sense to come home and brighten the landscape. Love to Charles

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