Romanesco – Fractal Vegetable

April 11th, 2012 / Comments 2

Romanesco is in the market.

romanscue 01 bl Romanesco   Fractal Vegetable

Some call it  broccoli, others call it cauliflower and there are those who call it broccoflower.

I call it gorgeous.

g romanscue 02 Romanesco   Fractal Vegetable

Individual curds, that’s what the florets are called, are smaller versions of the whole. Each curds is composed of even smaller versions of itself. In mathematical terms, it is a logarithmic spiral or recursive helical arrangement of cones.


I steamed this tasty, mathematical delight until it was tender and then seasoned it with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. Tonight we are having pasta with Romanesco and garlic. Wish you were here.

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  • Drick says:

    ya know, I have cooked this before but I guess never enjoyed its beauty… it took the artist to explain it to me – without the leaves, it looks as though it belongs on the ocean’s floor… hope all is well and your trip continues to be exceptionally delightful

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