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Fleur de sel is the most expensive of the three kinds of salt in my pantry and with beautiful thin crystals and exquisite flavor it is my all time favorite for seasoning food at the table.
fleur+de+sel+copy SaltThis salt comes from the south east coast of France near Collioure.  The salt flats were flecked with pink flamingos as my train whizzed by.

sel+de+mer SaltSel de mer, also from France, is less expensive and quite fine making it perfect for sauces and salad dressings.

I use Kosher salt, an American salt for everything else – in water for pasta, steaming vegetables, in cookies and bread, making gravalx, and with half a lemon to clean copper.  Unlike ‘table salt’ sold in those cylindrical boxes, it is simply salt with no added iodine to either fight goiters or affect the taste.

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