Shallot Refrigerator Pickles

July 8th, 2010 / Comments 7

The radish pickles were so fast and easy that I decided to pickle shallots.

shallot label Shallot Refrigerator PicklesYou can download this label for your jar of pickles here.

I used large shallots and separated the shallot into cloves.  The finished pickled shallots were a lovely purple.  Here’s how I did it:

Pickled Shallots

I trimmed both ends from half a pound of peeled shallots. I combined three quarters of a cup of cider vinegar, three quarters of a cup of light brown sugar and half a teaspoon of kosher salt in a wide saucepan and brought it to a boil. I added the shallots and cooked them for two minutes. When the shallots had cooled to room temperature, I used a spoon to transfer them to a jar, added the pickling liquid, covered the jar and put the shallots into the fridge. They were ready to eat in four hours and were even better after four days.

I wanted the flavor of the shallots to shine so I didn’t add any herbs or spices to the pickling liquid. I think I’ll use maple syrup instead of brown sugar the next time.>> Print This Post <<

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