Recipe from the ’50s – Honey Almond Sauce

August 16th, 2010 / comments 5

honey sauce 01 Recipe from the 50s   Honey Almond Sauce

CSA – Garlic Scallion Almond Pesto

May 1st, 2010 / comments 4

I followed the recipe for Garlic Scallion Almond Pesto that came in my first CSA bag.

CSA garlic scallion pesto CSA   Garlic Scallion Almond Pesto

Made with garlic scallions, almonds, parmesan cheese and olive oil – it’s versatile quick and tasty. In an effort to overcome my habit of expanding work to fill every available second, I bought a package of fresh cheese and spinach ravioli at the market rather than making fresh pasta. I made the pesto in a mini food processor. The garlic scallions imparted a delicious and not overwhelming flavor of spring garlic.  I modified the recipe a bit. Here’s how I did it:  … read more

Macaroons – Cookie Memory Part 1

January 20th, 2010 / comments 9

Cookies spark memories for me. After a harrowing journey from Delhi to Kashmir, Charles and I looked out at the lotus blossoms on Dal Lake from the small deck of a houseboat.
Indian Motif 01 c egbert  Macaroons   Cookie Memory Part 1

We were grateful to have arrived safely and couldn’t imagine anything that would make the moment more perfect. And then the boatman arrived with a tray of tea and almond macaroons. It was beyond perfection.  At breakfast the next morning, I asked the boatman, who was also the cookie baker, how he made the macaroons and he invited me into his tiny kitchen. Here’s how we made them. … read more

Gift from the Kitchen #5 – Chocolate Covered Almonds

December 16th, 2009 / Comments 0

On Monday I made chocolate covered almonds.

Pt Flag Holly 01 Gift from the Kitchen #5   Chocolate Covered Almonds

They are simple to make and look as if they came from an upscale chocolatier. I tuck away a few small gift bags of them, decorated with a ribbon and a gift tag as last minute gifts for unexpected visitors. Here’s how I made them: … read more

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