Roasted Cranberry Relish

November 28th, 2013 / Comments 1

A gathering for a holiday or a family celebration that centers on a meal provides the perfect opportunity for a food fight.

Turkey collage c egbert Roasted Cranberry Relish

I don’t mean the kind that involves a cream pie in the face, champagne sprayed around the table or peas slingshot across the room. I mean friendly, family disagreements about the best cranberry sauce. Should dessert be apple or pumpkin pie? Are creamed onions or a green bean casserole mandatory? Will there be chestnuts in the stuffing? Most picture perfect holiday meals exist only in magazines and movies, with a group of strangers presented as family, dressed by stylists, sitting at a perfectly decorated holiday table. Real holiday meals are an opportunity to share a favorite recipe and no one will complain that the second version of cranberry sauce has spoiled the symmetry of the table.

My favorite cranberry relish was inspired by a recipe from my friend Lynda. I added a chili pepper when I made it last year. Here’s how I did it: … read more

Jelly, Jam & Conserve

December 15th, 2010 / Comments 0

Jellies, jams and conserves packed with sugar and spice are gifts that are welcomed by almost everyone. They bring glowing color to the table and add zing to savory dishes as well as to sweet ones. Consumable treats in recyclable jars are a sustainable way to say happy holiday and they don’t need to be dusted.

AA Blog sq Photo template copy Jelly, Jam & Conserve

Even though berry season has passed, the wild grapes are gone and any apples still on trees belong to hungry birds or deer it’s possible to make preserves with dried fruits like apricots, peaches, raisins and seasonal fruits like cranberries, oranges, lemons and grapefruit. The addition of spices, herbs, vinegar or liquor makes these gifts from the kitchen special.

Bright, ruby red, cranberry-rosemary jelly is the right color and flavor for the Christmas season. The color comes from the cranberries and the combination of citrus and rosemary makes it compatible with pork, turkey and if a hunter helps supply your larder, with venison and game birds. Here’s how I made it: … read more

Cranberry Pecan Scones

October 27th, 2010 / Comments 1

I have never been a fan of the traditional American breakfast. Although I enjoy frying, poaching and scrambling eggs for others, I don’t like eating them. One of my most memorable breakfasts was served in the dining car of a Russian train as we headed from Mongolia to Siberia. When I saw that everyone around me was eating crispy fried eggs, served in shallow metal bowls, I asked the waiter if there was anything, other than eggs, that I might have for breakfast. The waiter shrugged and said that there was only chicken soup. Chicken soup sounded great to me, and since I was in Russia, I asked if there might be some caviar as well. He nodded and returned with my soup and a plate with a lump of caviar and a slice of bread. This unconventional breakfast was the best meal I had in Russia. If I can’t have caviar and chicken soup for breakfast, a minimal meal of a sweet pastry and a cup of tea and gets my day started with a smile.

mug 01 c egbert Cranberry Pecan SconesWith a supply of scones in the freezer, pulling breakfast together is as quick as brewing a pot of tea and zapping a scone in the microwave. This week, I added fresh cranberries and pecans to the batter. These scones are sweet, have the texture of cake and are the American cousins of English scones that are often dotted with currants and served with clotted cream and jam. Here’s how I did it:

… read more

Cranberry Pie – Summer Flavor in the Winter

January 25th, 2010 / comments 12

Saturday was a beautiful, cold, gray, windy, winter day.

dark sky full Cranberry Pie   Summer Flavor in the WinterI’m not complaining, the air above the frozen pond was white. (Can it be so cold that fog freezes?) The trees on the hill were  black and created a startling contrast to the white field. The alpacas were cozy inside their upscale fleece. Rosie, working on her version of a canine snow angel, was frequently distracted by the scent of creatures tunneling beneath the icy crust of snow. On the other hand, I wanted pie. Not a frozen pie from the market, not a pumpkin pie made from a tin of pumpkin, not an apple pie, I wanted a pie  that would leave pink streaks on the plate. I was missing summer pies.

What to do — I opened the freezer and found a bag of cranberries and remembered that I had once made a cranberry pie but I couldn’t remember how. I had to be adventurous, think creatively and get started. I had an unbaked pie crust in the freezer and I began by rinsing the cranberries and thinking of pies past. I knew that the birds would be pleased with the pie if I wasn’t. Luckily —

D cranberry pie 02 Cranberry Pie   Summer Flavor in the Winter

It look good enough to slice.

D cranberry pie 01 Cranberry Pie   Summer Flavor in the Winter

One bite

cranberry pie going 02 Cranberry Pie   Summer Flavor in the Winter

After the next

cranberry pie gone Cranberry Pie   Summer Flavor in the Winter

Sorry birdies — maybe next time.

Pta rainbow birds c egbert Cranberry Pie   Summer Flavor in the WinterHere’s how I made it.

… read more

Cranberry Cannoli Puffs – A Contest Entry

January 2nd, 2010 / comments 6

In November, I decided to try my hand at creating a recipe that featured Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry for a contest. I have never thought of myself as a competitive cook but decide to give it a whirl. Tile Blue 01 c egbert Cranberry Cannoli Puffs   A Contest Entry

I signed up, got a coupon in the mail that I redeemed for one package of Puff Pastry. I opted for sheets rather than for the shells primarily because I had absolutely no idea what I was going to make.

The pastry waited patiently in the freezer for about ten days until lightening struck and I was inspired by the food in my fridge and a recent visit to Sicily. I had fresh cranberries and fresh ricotta cheese – hmmm, how about Cranberry Cannoli Puffs, a simple dessert made with a minimum number of ingredients.

D cranberry cannoli 01 Cranberry Cannoli Puffs   A Contest EntryI submitted the recipe and I thought that the contest rules required that I not tell a soul what I had made until the contest was over.  I got an email last week that said that I was free to share my entry so –  Here’s how I did it:
trans Cranberry Cannoli Puffs   A Contest Entry

… read more

Cranberries out of the Bag – Part 4 – Cranberry Trifle

November 7th, 2009 / Comments 0

As a grand finale, I recommend cranberry ginger trifle for your next holiday feast.

Interior variations 04 Cranberries out of the Bag   Part 4   Cranberry Trifle

This dessert consists of layers of cranberry compote, chunks of butter cake and a fluffy mixture of cream and cream cheese and will serve twelve.

cranberry trifle Cranberries out of the Bag   Part 4   Cranberry TrifleHere’s how I made it: … read more

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