Rainbow Cupcakes – A guest post from peaslovecarrots

January 23rd, 2010 / comments 5

Mathea Tanner is the cook, writer, artist and brains that make Peas Love Carrots one of the food blogs I love to visit. Her recipes for penguins, snowmen and lambs will make you want to rush to the kitchen even if you are a vegetarian.  I’m pleased to be able to introduce you and her blog, peaslovecarrots, to you.

PLC plated.logo  Rainbow Cupcakes   A guest post from peaslovecarrots

I often have these moments of excitement when I think I’ve had an original recipe idea only to rush to my computer and have Google tell me that I am last in a line of hundreds to have it.  I’m left wondering if in the past I’ve seen these recipes somewhere or another and forgotten about them, only to resurface again as subliminal faux-epiphanies.  While it’s not a bad thing to do something that’s been done before, it does take away the feeling of being some sort of culinary explorer, charting unknown waters.  Every now and then one likes to feel like a discoverer, right?

The other day I day I decided to make rainbow cupcakes. [/dontprint] … read more

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