Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

February 26th, 2010 / comments 3

Here are a few images from my neighborhood in Siracusa.

apt 01 sunrise Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

Sunrise from the kitchen window

Castello Maniace 01 Mouth Watering Photos from SicilyYesterday, we walked around the corner and visited the Castello Maniace.

Castello Maniace 02 column Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

The G – 8 Conference happened in the chamber of the castle under a black and white ceiling held up by many columns.

We passed this addresses on the way home

01561 Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

and another.

0012 Mouth Watering Photos from Sicily

Sorry that there is nothing to eat here.  Perhaps you have a gelateria nearby?


Green Bean Salad with Basil and Roasted Pepper

February 24th, 2010 / comments 7

I found green beans at the market yesterday for the first time since we arrived in Siracusa.

green beans 04 Green Bean Salad with Basil and Roasted Pepper

They were thin, unblemished and tender.  I decided to combine blanched green beans with fresh basil and pieces of roasted red pepper from the market. Here’s how I did it. … read more

Market Lunch – Sicilian Style

February 18th, 2010 / Comments 1

Blood oranges, salami, carrots, olives, bread and cheese from the market made an easy lunch for a sunny day. lunch 0218 Market Lunch   Sicilian StyleOn my mid-morning walk I bought a roasted artichoke at the panetterria/bakery near the duomo/cathedral. A simple dipping sauce of olive oil and lemon juice made the vegetables sparkle and wedges of blood orange rounded out lunch nicely.

The fruit of a blood orange may be orange flesh splashed with dots of red or be totally garnet red.  My favorite orange juice is made from blood oranges and is nearly peppermint pink in color – but not in taste.

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Siracusa Orange Juice

September 26th, 2009 / Comments 0

I am in Ortigia, an island that is part of a Siracusa. Sicily is filled with amazing cathedrals, piazzas, people and food.  Finding a way to connect to the internet has been a challenge.

ortigia view 011 Siracusa Orange Juice

We start the day with fresh orange juice made with Sicilian oranges from the open-air market that is a twenty minute walk through the Plaza Duomo, down narrow lanes, past gelatarias, cafes and ruins from the 6th century BC.

orange 02 Siracusa Orange Juice

The food is astounding. I have four more days to eat and gather images and look forward to being back in touch with lots to share.

On the Way to Sicily

September 17th, 2009 / Comments 1

Charles and I are on our  way to Italy for our son’s wedding. First we need to get to Boston.

V Station Wagon On the Way to Sicily

We are looking forward to being with him and his bride, Alison. There will be about forty people at the wedding and we expect to have a wonderful time sitting in cafes, eating wonderful food, exploring Suracusa and having many adventures.

I  will post if I can. If I have no internet service, know that I will have lots to share when I get home. Meanwhile, you may want to look at my earlier posts for inspiration.

Play among yourselves, have fun, eat well and don’t get into trouble.


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