Peanut Brittle

November 3rd, 2010 / Comments 1

The few golden brown leaves remaining on the trees make me think of caramel and my high school chemistry class.

L Oak 02 Peanut Brittle

The first experiment we did in the lab was to transform granulated sugar into golden caramel. It was an irreversible, chemical reaction that used heat to remove water from sugar. The sugar melted and the longer it was heated, the greater the quantity of water that was driven off and the more brown the liquid became. When all of the water was gone, we were left with a lump of pure, black carbon. When sugar has been changed from white crystals to a transparent, golden solid there’s no going back but there are many delicious ways to go forward.

I amazed my sister who was still in elementary school with my mastery of this chemical reaction when I created a sweet treat of peanuts suspended in sweet amber. Here’s how I did it: … read more

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