Asian Pickled Apples with Red Onions

July 13th, 2010 / comments 3

It’s been nearly thirteen years since that church supper that inspired all this pickle making.

hash poster c egbert Asian Pickled Apples with Red Onions

I’m not quite so naïve but I still marvel at the beauty of Jersey cows’ eyelashes, I’m a member of that church and I design the poster for Red Flannel Hash Supper each year.

apple basket c egbert Asian Pickled Apples with Red Onions

I decided to use apples is this recipe that is the last, for the moment, in my refrigerator pickle series. In all of the refrigerator pickle recipes, measurements are arbitrary; the amount of sugar and spice can be varied.  When I don’t have enough liquid to cover the fruit or vegetable, I use vinegar to top off the jar. These pickles will keep in the fridge for at least two months. These pickles are nice with a sandwich or served with grilled chicken. Here’s how I made them: … read more

Shallot Refrigerator Pickles

July 8th, 2010 / comments 7

The radish pickles were so fast and easy that I decided to pickle shallots.

shallot label Shallot Refrigerator PicklesYou can download this label for your jar of pickles here.

I used large shallots and separated the shallot into cloves.  The finished pickled shallots were a lovely purple.  Here’s how I did it: … read more

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