Roasted Rhubarb & Rhubarb Pie

May 29th, 2013 / Comments 1

Rhubarb heralds Spring in Vermont. Pink sprouts push up from the cold earth.

rhubarb+w+blue Roasted Rhubarb & Rhubarb Pie
‘Still have snow?’
‘Is the sap running?’
‘Are the mergansers back?’

The familiar litany of questions heard around town – at the post office, the Creamery, the market, and at community dinners. And then the rhubarb appears – over night, huge green leaves pop up. The first garden harvest of Spring. Although technically a vegetable, I think of rhubarb as fruit, the primary ingredient in one of my favorite pies, as a lovely sauce eaten alone or topped with a dollop of yogurt (see post below), or starring in a chutney or relish.

Today I baked rhubarb with sugar and a bit of butter and finished it with heavy cream and fresh nutmeg. Very easy, yummy and with rhubarb from my garden and cream from the Farmer’s market,

rhubarb+09 Roasted Rhubarb & Rhubarb Pie

Here’s how I did it. … read more

Rhubarb Pie from a Vermont Garden & Kitchen

May 22nd, 2012 / Comments 1

An unattended, spring garden in Vermont is full of surprises, mostly weedy ones. We returned from Italy and found that the comfrey, a perennial wild herb, who’s leaves are said to cure athlete’s foot when tucked between toes and taped in place, was nearly three-feet tall and about to overwhelm the peonies. Lush, tall grass had moved into what were beds of flowers. The good news is that the rhubarb was thriving.

F rhubarb c egbert co Rhubarb Pie from a Vermont Garden & Kitchen

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Rhubarb Heralds Spring – Roasted Rhubarb

May 21st, 2012 / comments 15

Do you still have snow? Is the sap running? Have you seen mergansers on the river?

f rhubarb herald Rhubarb Heralds Spring   Roasted RhubarbThese familiar questions are heard at the post office, the Creamery, the market, and at community dinners in the early spring.

It was a bright morning last April, when I saw pink sprouts pushing up through the cold earth. Within a week, there were pink stems topped with dark green leaves. Rhubarb! It would be the first harvest from my garden. Along with the phoebes that nest in the rafters of the barn, it’s rhubarb that announces the arrival of spring in Vermont. … read more

Peach Pie with Cardamom and Rum

August 31st, 2011 / Comments 0

peach c egbert Peach Pie with Cardamom and RumWe enjoyed the sour cream peach pie as dessert and being true New Englanders, at least where breakfast is concerned, ate the rest of the pie as breakfasts for the next few days, but that one pie didn’t solve the streusel vs. lattice debate. I had to make another pie. Fortunately, the market still had a supply of peaches. The elevated stature of peaches in mythology and folk tales suggested that I make a peach pie of elevated stature. Here’s how I did it: … read more

Sour Cream Peach Pie

August 26th, 2011 / Comments 1

Last week, everywhere I went, people were talking about peaches, not just any peaches, but Pennsylvania and New Jersey peaches.peach basket c egbert Sour Cream Peach Pie

Conversations about where the best peaches where grown quickly turned to debates about whether peaches should be baked in a pie, poached in wine, sliced and covered with heavy cream or eaten out of hand. Not only were the peaches welcome for their flavor, they also provided a welcome diversion from the endless conversations about the world economic crisis, presidential candidates, wars and riots. I overheard a debate between two friends about the relative merits of lattice crust or streusel topping on peach pie. All the talk about pies, cobblers and crumbles made me hungry. I stopped at the market and filled a bag with peaches from Pennsylvania, the state where I was raised.

My peach extravaganza began by dropping three peaches into boiling water for a minute, then immersing them in cold water, slipping off the peel and slicing them into two bowls. I added a squeeze of lemon juice and a rounded teaspoon of sugar to each bowl and invited Charles to share a mid-afternoon snack in the garden. Perfection!Time to move onto peach pie. The lattice vs. streusel debate had me thinking. I remembered a recipe for a sour cream apple pie with a streusel topping and decided to adapt it. Here’s how I did it: … read more

Candy Bar Pie – Hint from the ’50s

July 6th, 2011 / Comments 0

candy bar pie sm Candy Bar Pie   Hint from the 50s

Painting by Carol Egbert

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