Patty Pan Squash Cake

August 28th, 2009 / comments 10

It has been too rainy for tomatoes and potatoes to thrive but the patty pan squash plant in my garden has been working hard to keep my spirit up.

pattypan 02 Patty Pan Squash Cake

It is often used as a “pan for baking a patty” therefore the name – patty pan. It is also called sunburst squash, scaloppini, button squash or patisson.

The feminine name and demure behavior of my plant cause me to think of it as a she.  Certainly less insistent than her Italian cousin zucchini, she doesn’t overrun other plants with exuberant vines or produce so many squash that I have to resort to late night squash deliveries to unsuspecting neighbors. Blossoms with long stems, (the male flowers), are plentiful and a tasty treat, either as an addition to an omelet or stuffed, battered and fried to be served as an appetizer.

Small squash, the size of quail eggs, are lovely roasted with potatoes, carrots, oil and garlic.  Medium squash, up to six inches in diameter, blanched in boiling water for five minutes, stuffed with a mixture of sauteed vegetables and cooked rice, topped with cheese or seasoned breadcrumbs and baked, are a perfect vegetarian main course.

Patty pan squash larger than six inches star in my favorite carrotless carrot cake.

note: If you think patty pan squash is a strange ingredient in a cake, take a look at this recipe on my friend Drick’s blog by clicking here.  I’m amazed!

Mixer 02 Patty Pan Squash Cake

Here’s how I did it. … read more

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