Recipe from the ’50 – Red Currant Pear Sauce for Meat or Poultry

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currant sauce Recipe from the 50   Red Currant Pear Sauce for Meat or Poultry

Red Currant Jelly

July 13th, 2009 / comments 7

The small ad in the newspaper said “Pick your own Red Currants.”

red+currant+bush+01 Red Currant Jelly

Riverview Farm in Plainfield, New Hampshire was the place. The sign at a bend in the Connecticut River pointed at the lane to the fields and the currants. The bushes were filled with stems of ruby spheres and picking was easy. There were no bugs, it wasn’t raining, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. In less than forty minutes we had picked three pounds of red currant.
currants+in+bowl+01 Red Currant Jelly
Paul Franklin, proprietor of Riverview Farm weighted the currants and we talked recipes for a few minutes. He told me about his breakfast biscuits with red currants folded in.

Another farmer told me that red currants had been hunted and eliminated by federal agents in the early 1900’s because of concern for the ‘white pine blister rust’ and fear that white pines would suffer the same devastation as the elms. He went on with a smile, ‘If they had tried to take Granny’s red currant bushes, she would have met them with a shot gun.’

Let’s get to the juicy part. Here’s how I did it: … read more

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