Ortigia Fruit Parfait

March 5th, 2011 / Comments 0

fruit parfait1 Ortigia Fruit Parfait A sunny walk to the market, determined to keep things simple, our breakfast was a parfait with layers of ricotta mixed with yogurt and orange blossom honey and diced pears, blood oranges and strawberries. Without a toaster we had to settle for crusty bread toasted in butter.


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Make Yogurt

January 26th, 2011 / comments 4

Even though terms like locavore, eco-gastronomy, terroir, bioregional and sustainable were not used when talking about food in the 1970’s, I was making yogurt and growing bean sprouts in my apartment in Washington, DC.

Paisley 01 Make Yogurt

I was an accidental, partial locavore – eating yogurt and sprouts that were being produced within a 100-mile radius of my dining room. The eco-gastronomic sprouts were growing in a very local ecosystem – a glass jar on my kitchen counter. I don’t know if the altitude, the terroir, of my fourth four apartment affected the flavor of the sprouts, but they certainly added texture and flavor to sandwiches and salads.

There’s evidence that cultured milk products were being made in 2000 BC. Pliny the Elder noted that nomadic tribes knew how to thicken milk into a substance with agreeable acidity, and yogurt has long been a staple in the diets of people in Central Asia. It appeared in my grocery store in the late 1960’s packed in plastic cups with a puddle of sweetened fruit slurry. Soon after yogurt appeared in grocery stores, electric yogurt makers replaced fondue pots as ‘must have’ kitchen equipment. My kit consisted of glass jars with lids, a thermometer, dried yogurt culture and a temperature-controlled container. Producing yogurt was an appealing scientific experiment.

When I read that the earliest yoghurt was probably fermented spontaneously, perhaps by wild bacteria found inside goatskin bags used to carry raw milk, I realized that making yogurt didn’t need to be as precise as the five pages of instructions that came with my yogurt maker. I no longer have an electric yogurt maker and the only special equipment I use is an instant read thermometer. I make yogurt in eight-ounce canning jars that are kept warm in the oven with two large tin cans filled with hot water. Rather than using a dry yogurt culture, I use a tablespoon of plain yogurt, either homemade or store bought, as the source of Lactobacillus, the ‘starter’. Here’s how I make it: … read more

Lamb Burgers – Thinking about by President Obama in Cairo

June 6th, 2009 / Comments 0

Inspired by President Obama speech in Cairo I decided to make a dinner with tastes of the Middle East.

A+Camel+02 Lamb Burgers   Thinking about by President Obama in Cairo
I decided that the menu would be lamb burgers, hummus, yogurt, butternut squash and pita bread.  Here’s how I made it. [/donot print] … read more

Yogurt Cheese

June 5th, 2009 / comments 3

Fresh yogurt cheese is simply fresh, plain yogurt minus the watery whey.

yogurt+cheese+05 Yogurt Cheese

Six Variations – beginning in the upper left, nasturtium petals gave a peppery punch, rose petals added a sweet scent and flavor, chive flowers are pretty but the onion flavor is too strong; bottom row – chopped dried cranberries, (my favorite because they add texture, a sweet/tart flavor and good color), chopped walnuts worked well, and the last, mint leaves gave a fresh scent but the texture of the leaf wasn’t good with the softness of the cheese, (next time, I’ll roll the cheese in minced mint leaves).

Dried apricots, currents, minced fresh mint or basil, chopped olives, diced sundried tomatoes are other possibilities.

U+Corkscrew+01 Yogurt Cheese

Small rounds of yogurt cheese combined with dried fruit, chopped nuts or minced herbs served with crackers make a pretty and interesting appetizer served with a glass of wine.

Here’s how I made the cheese. … read more

Stewed Plums & Yogurt

May 29th, 2009 / comments 2

Three gray, rainy, cold days in a row demand action.

plum+branch Stewed Plums & YogurtA bowl of yogurt topped with warm plums would be delicious and pretty. Here’ how I did it. … read more

Raw Milk Yogurt

May 16th, 2009 / Comments 1

At the Norwich Farmers’ Market this morning I stopped to chat with Kathy Barrett from On The River Farm, my source for local, organic, raw, Guernsey milk. With half a gallon, I can make yogurt for the week and have enough milk to last til next Saturday’s market.
milk+01+ Raw Milk Yogurt

Yogurt is extraordinarily simple to make.  Here’s how I made it. … read more

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