Tea Time – Reflections on Tea

October 21st, 2011 / Comments 3

Tea time c egbert Tea Time   Reflections on Tea

Carol Egbert

My thoughts often turn to tea, a cup of tea, a pot of tea, a tea cup, a tea pot.  You might enjoy an image I discovered this morning. Here’s the link. 

I drink English Breakfast tea  with lime.  Char, my friend with a green Aga, served Irish Breakfast tea with thin slices of lime studded with a four whole cloves.My nana drank pink tea, strong tea with lots of milk and sugar, from a large, plain white tea cup.

Charles and I enjoyed apple tea in Turkey, served only with a  breakfast that consisted of a slab of feta cheese,  black olives,  sliced tomato and bread.

On a train in China, the only liquid safe to drink was  boiling water in a large thermos decorated with images of pink peonies. We flavored it with a few leaves of jasmine tea.

Hot tea served with hot milk, on the small deck of a houseboat in Kashmir, made the day and the macaroons shine.  You can read more about that day and the macaroons here.

MG tea cup c egbert Tea Time   Reflections on Tea

Carol Egbert

A cup of smokey lapsang souchong tea, a splash of cream and a book of Mother Goose or Billy Collins poems – perfect on a gray day. Here’s a link to Billy Collins reading one of my favorites – The Lanyard. Perhaps you could make a cup of tea before you click on this link and sip the tea as he speaks.

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