Vermont Strawberry Sandwich & Panna Cotta

June 13th, 2009 / Comments 2

Vermont + blue sky + June + sweet red perfection!

strawberry+round Vermont Strawberry Sandwich & Panna Cotta
At the moment — words fail me.

After a good sleep and with the scent of fresh strawberries in the air, I made a strawberry sandwich for breakfast.

strawb+sand+ingrd+01 Vermont Strawberry Sandwich & Panna Cotta
Strawberry Sandwich

I toasted thin slices of Red Hen Four Grain Three Seed bread, smeared it with a thin layer of cream cheese, topped with sliced strawberries and drizzled on a bit of local honey. Divine!
strawb+sand+01 Vermont Strawberry Sandwich & Panna Cotta

One of the easiest desserts I know is  Panna cotta with strawberries, fresh, simple and fast.

panna+cotta Vermont Strawberry Sandwich & Panna CottaHere’s how I made it:
Panna Cotta

Begin by softening one packet of unflavored gelatin by sprinkling it into three tablespoons of cold water in a small bowl. Avoid lumps by not stirring until the gelatin is soft and has absorbed the water.

Combine two tablespoons of sugar with a quarter of a cup of milk or cream, (I use raw, whole milk from the farmers’ market), and heat gently, (about twenty seconds in the microwave), stirring until the sugar is dissolved,

Add the softened gelatin, stir until it is dissolved. You should not be able to see or feel any bits of gelatin. If necessary, reheat for ten seconds more to melt the gelatin. I use a one pint, microwave safe, measuring cup but a small sauce pan over low heat will also work.

Add milk to make two cups, stir in one teaspoon of vanilla and pour into four, half cup ramekins. Chill til set.

Top with fresh strawberries sauce made by gently mashing berries sweetened to taste with the sweetener of your choice, i.e. sugar, honey, maple sugar.

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Panna Cotta List

  • 1 packet unflavored gelatin
  • 2 T  sugar
  • 2 c milk
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 1 pint strawberries
  • sweetener of  choice, i.e. sugar, honey, maple sugar
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