Yogurt Cheese

June 5th, 2009 / Comments 3

Fresh yogurt cheese is simply fresh, plain yogurt minus the watery whey.

yogurt+cheese+05 Yogurt Cheese

Six Variations – beginning in the upper left, nasturtium petals gave a peppery punch, rose petals added a sweet scent and flavor, chive flowers are pretty but the onion flavor is too strong; bottom row – chopped dried cranberries, (my favorite because they add texture, a sweet/tart flavor and good color), chopped walnuts worked well, and the last, mint leaves gave a fresh scent but the texture of the leaf wasn’t good with the softness of the cheese, (next time, I’ll roll the cheese in minced mint leaves).

Dried apricots, currents, minced fresh mint or basil, chopped olives, diced sundried tomatoes are other possibilities.

U+Corkscrew+01 Yogurt Cheese

Small rounds of yogurt cheese combined with dried fruit, chopped nuts or minced herbs served with crackers make a pretty and interesting appetizer served with a glass of wine.

Here’s how I made the cheese.

Yogurt Cheese

To drain the yogurt, I put three cups of yogurt in a ceramic colander lined with soft cloth napkin and put the collander into a bowl to collect the whey. Forty eight hours later, I had nineteen ounces of whey and five ounces of thick, creamy yogurt cheese.

The cheese is fairly bland with a bit more tang than cream cheese, a perfect foil for flavor enhancement.

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  • French Cooking for Dummies says:

    These yogurt cheese appetizers looks wonderful! Thanks for your kind message on foodbuzz…You have a great blog, I added you to my blogroll 😉

  • Carol Egbert says:

    thank you. I just visited your blog and was inspired by the Japanese avocado salad

  • mathildescuisine says:

    Looks delicious and perfect recipe for the big fan of yogurt that I am.
    BEAUTIFUL blog, I love the way you present your recipes and well done for the painting!

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