Gift from the Kitchen #3 – Preserved Lemons

December 12th, 2009 / Comments 2

Lemons preserved in salt are a condiment used in traditional Moroccan dishes. They will be a perfect gift for my friend Daniel who has been trying to perfect his version of chicken tagine.

ZPF Lemon Branch 01 Gift from the Kitchen #3   Preserved Lemons

I think a jar of these lemons will help him. This recipe has only two ingredients and needs no cooking so it is a breeze to make. Here’s how I made it:

Preserved Lemons

I washed four lemons and quartered them lengthwise, leaving the pieces attached at the bottom. I spread them open, removed the seeds and rubbed a tablespoon of kosher salt into the center of each lemon. I packed the lemons into a jar, covered it tightly and put it into the refrigerator. After three days, there was some juice in the bottom of the jar and I added enough fresh lemon juice to cover the lemons.

In four weeks, these lemons will be ready to season braised meat or poultry or to add a zing to salad dressing and pan sauces. I’ll include a note with the lemons telling Daniel to keep the lemons in a cool place and to rinse them before he adds the pulp and rind to his chicken tangine.

The sunny yellow jars filled with lemon treats can  be enjoyed in the gray of winter. If my friends return the jars I will re-fill them in the late summer with pickles and chutneys made with the bounty from my garden.

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Preserved Lemons List

  • 4  lemons
  • 4 T kosher salt
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